Re-String It

Re-String It Infomercial Production

“Has the drawstring ever come out of your favorite Hoody?” Then…Re-String It! The Universal Re-Threader That Can Re-String Anything! The Re-String It Universal Drawstring Re-Threader is designed to quickly and easily re-string all drawstrings, cords, straps, and…

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  • 13 Days to Go

Deadbolt Arrest

Protect your family from home invaders with this universal security lock.

  • 2% Funded
  • $40.00 Pledged
  • 12 Days to Go

I.C.E. Medical Card – Infomercial Funding

The I.C.E. Medical Card received a rare “100% Thumbs Up!” on the “My Cool Inventions” radio show on 7/15/2014. We’d like to thank you – and give you an opportunity to help bring this critical piece of protection…

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  • 12 Days to Go

Folding Wand

Problem: The hardest thing to fold is a fitted sheet. What typically happens we get frustrated and ball up the fitted sheet and throw it onto the shelf. The balled up fitted sheet comes…

  • 6% Funded
  • $220.00 Pledged
  • 12 Days to Go

msPad – Medical Shorthand Keypad

The msPad, Medical Shorthand Keypad, is a small plug-in keypad making data entry more usable and redefining today’s market. This amazing new innovative…

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  • 12 Days to Go

Toaster Tops – Not Your Great – Grandma’s Toaster Cover!

Toaster Tops are not your great-grandma’s toaster cover. They complete the look of the toaster, while keeping unwanted insects and dirt out of your toaster. They also add a decorative element to your kitchen without taking up any more counter space.

  • 17% Funded
  • $170.00 Pledged
  • 12 Days to Go